Unbiased GreenGeeks Hosting Review

GreenGeeks is a web hosting firm established in 2006, based in LA, California. One of the worlds, GreenGeeks has been somewhat and fast quietly building an incredible reputation among business people and web professionals. The owner, Trey Gardner has more than 30 years of experience providing web hosting services to the public.

Based on where you come from, you might know that we have a web site management support. That’s the way we have access to accounts with hosting companies like GreenGeeks, A2Hosting, and Siteground and a whole lot of others.

We know the websites we manage at GreenGeeks are in good hands. We have hosting problems, and that means direction.

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GreenGeeks is The Frontrunner of Green Web Hosting

The selling point is what sets GreenGeeks apart: taking advantage of wind energy credits to offset carbon output. There are studies out there showing how servers account for CO2 output each year. For some people, this is very serious, and hosting provides a solution for them.

You may also find it reassuring, that as you are blogging or operating a successful business, you help the environment. With 300% carbon offsetting, your carbon footprint will be a negative one. You won’t be causing any harm to the environment, instead, have a positive effect on it.
Geeks Meet Nature

Looking to few the worlds of web hosting, higher technology, and renewable energy and green initiatives, has been paving the way for much more socially conscious web hosting and tech firms and is proving itself to be the leader in the green hosting arena, what the web hosting world needs so desperately.
They Are Invested in Your Success

It’s a reasonably distinctive service in that they aren’t just out there looking for a fast buck like so several of the other companies floating in the web hosting industry — they know entirely just how vital it is to offer a knockout service and try to do so to the highest standards possible.

It’s not like you left to figure out everything by yourself and get a part of the server. Support is there for you all of the ways.

As with virtually all web hosts, I dealt with; they have tiered support, meaning that in case you face a more complicated issue support will not be able to solve your problem. It will be forwarded to next tier service through the system, and they will solve it for you usually within 24 hours. This isn’t a model without flaws, but it has worked for us so far.

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A Standard cPanel

CPanel is pretty much the standard one of control panels. I prefer it.

CPanel at GreenGeeks is relatively standard with all the features hosting companies offer nowadays.

The Very Best of WordPress Hosting

Nowadays almost every web hosting company challenges that they are WordPress friendly and so on. It’s easier said than done. One web host I especially like the WP hosting of is Siteground. They have a very well optimized help, so it’s the grade of WordPress hosting for me.

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